Music For Pleasure

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Yule Be Blue Christmas Album Downloads Free!
The whole album can be downloaded for free here....Merry Christmas!

A Little Joy 12" Remix for 2009
Click here for WMA or MP3

Listen to Knox while you surf the site via the new Flash Media player in the Media section.  A total of six tracks off of 'Music for Pleasure' are available.  Time to turn up the speakers. 

'A Little Joy' A little Christmas Video!
The Video's are complete.  We have two Video's for 'A Little Joy', a Drama Version and a Live Version.  Both can be seen on You Tube.  Be sure to watch them in high quality, a link to the 'High Quality' Versions displays right under the display screen.

'A Little Joy' Drama Version 1
'A Little Joy' 'Live' Version 2

'Silent Night! Holy Night!' Video

'Lowcountry'  a new single from the next record is complete!
Knox has completed a new single entitled 'Lowcountry'!  It has already received great reviews including winning a coveted spot on the Microsoft internal Giving CD recording.  This will be made available to over 70,000 Microsoft employees.  If you like to have a listen, check out 'Lowcountry' on Knox's MySpace page.

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New Knox and the Triple J's MySpace Page!
The new Knox & the Triple J's MySpace Page has been launched to promote the coming Christmas Season.  Listen to Yule Be Blue Tracks, Read the Bio, and watch the new Music Videos for 'A Little Joy'.  Please add yourself as a friend and pass it along....Merry Christmas! reviews 'Music for Pleasure'
"Knox may be the name of an unflavored gelatin, but it's now also the name of a musician of the highest order."  Check out the latest review by Todd Beemis in the reviews

Starbuck HearMusic spinning Knox's 'Hold On to Me'
Track 7 on 'Music for Pleasure' is getting major airplay on XM Satellite Radio Ch.75. It's the HEAR Music Station that is aired natio
nally.  We have heard from grocery stores, a picture frame shop in Calgary and in Starbucks Coffee shops all over.  Check out the song in the media section

Knox delivers 'Music for Pleasure'
Upon "Music for Pleasure's?release in 2005, Knox had been playing the stripped-down, folk-tinged rock card to excess. With his first release, it seems, the multi-instrumentalistís diverse influences have presence.  By using a more Brit-pop approach to his catalogue, Knox has created a noteworthy first album.  Despite the sunny quality and catchiness of most of the songs, Knox's words set the tone of the album, and the listener soon realizes not to trust the lyrical voice, as on "Baby! Baby! Baby!" and "Rendered." The album's centerpiece, however, is "Asleep at the Wheel," featuring a dissonant guitar section that just may be the most transcendent musical moment of the record. It's surprisingly consistent mix, too. From the drum-driven first track "I Want to Take Your Money and Run" to the brooding closer "Shall I Drive?" everything here is outstanding. Read More about 'Music for Pleasure'